Wastewater treatment plant of Bresso-Niguarda, located in the city of Milano

The Italian demo-site has started with the preliminary but essential steps to ensure conditions for its future correct functioning. After 3 meetings among project technical partners involved (CAP, SIAD, POLIMI), efforts are being placed to solve lay-out constraints and security issues as well as starting the procurement procedure for equipment suppliers.

Having in mind that the demo-site is integrated in the existing industrial plant from CAP Group, the study of the lay-out, meaning the analysis of spaces to be required for the equipment and the optimization of the connection lines among them, has been one of the considerations to be solved as a first stage. An authorization process to avoid fire risks has been open with competent offices and external consultants and will be more likely solved by middle April. The selection of suppliers of equipment and consumable materials together with a procurement procedure that ensures best value for money will start in the upcoming months.

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