On May 16, 2023 some BIOMETHAVERSE partners took part in the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) webinar series on the co-benefits of biogas and biomethane. Our project coordinator, Stefano Proietti (ISINNOVA), Lucile Sever (European Biogas Association) and Geoffrey Karakachian (ENGIE Lab Crigen) joined Connie Miller and Tiziana Pirelli (FAO) in exploring the multiple benefits of promoting anaerobic digestion for waste management.  The webinar stressesd the potential for biowaste disposal and discussed the need for enabling policy frameworks that support research and development in the field and help speed up and replicate advances in the biomethane production technologies.

While EBA scanned EU policies incentivising biogas production from waste, ISINNOVA shared some in-house methodologies to help identify (and transfer) successful policies and solutions. ENGIE Lab Crigen introduced the project’s case study in France, involving an innovative technology for biomethane production through biowaste.

Read a summary of the webinar and view the recording.