We have already made friends with our ‘buddy’ projects, the other three biomethane-dedicated projects funded under the same call (HYFUELUP, METHAREN and SEMPRE-BIO) and have begun getting to know each other. We are exploring synergies in approaches in order to plan clustering activities such as joint events and collaboration initiatives to multiply our projects’ impacts.

Just like BIOMETHAVERSE, all three of our ‘buddy’ projects are determined to make a difference in speeding up and streamilining biomethane production in Europe to make it cheaper and faster and market-ready.

HYFUELUP looks at developing an advanced technology for biomethane production using gasification and methanation by deploying a first of its kind value chain for biomethane production using low grade biomass residues and sludge digestate from AD plants. The project’s main demonstator site will be the Tondela Viseu (Portugal) plant.

METHAREN sets out to demonstrate an innovative concept to efficiently convert electricity into gas demonstrate via a cost-effective, innovative, more sustainable and circular biomethane production system enabling renewable energy sources intermittency management. The project’s demonstator site will be the ACEA Waste Treament plant in Pinerolo (Italy).

SEMPRE-BIO aims at securing domestic production of cost-effective biomethane by  proposing effective biomethane production solutions and pathways. Specifically, it will set up three European biomethane innovation ecosystems based in Adinkerke (Belgium), Baix Llobregat (Spain) and Bourges (France), which are representative of the different baseline situations for biomethane production across Europe.