Born out of out of REPowerEU‘s vision, the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) brings together EU policy makers, industry and other stakeholders (including associations, civil society and academia), active in the biomethane value chain, in supporting the upscaling of biomethane production and consumption across the European energy system. BIOMETHAVERSE’s project coordinator (ISINNOVA), the scientific coordinator (European Biogas Association – EBA) and Biogas Lagada (project partner in Greece) are part of the BIP Team and will join forces with other members to fast-track biomethane production and consumption in the EU.

BIP will operate via five specific task forces in which members collaborate at expert level in delivering pre-defined actions and creating outputs that help achieve the goal of the partnership.
BIOMETHAVERSE will contribute to Task Force 5, dealing with research, development and innovation scenarios. BIOMETHAVERSE’s innovation pathways to diversify the production base for biomethane will definitely inspire the project’s contribution in identifying and assessing  innovative thermochemical, biochemical and biological technologies for biomethane production and exploring potential improvements in anaerobic digestion and methanation technologies. Wishing the alliance the best of luck in speeding up the energy transition by fostering biomethane as a key player in the sustainable transformation of the energy system

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