We are lucky and proud to have onboard the BIOMETHAVERSE project such a scientifically-sound technology-powered and innovation-oriented consortium, counting 22 partners based in 9 different countries. Their expertise covers a wide spectrum and diverse angles of the renewable energy and biogas value chain.

BIOMETHAVERSE brings together leading market players in the field of operational biogas plants construction, industry experts in biogas conversion, biowaste recycling, waterwaste management and green technologies and top-notch researchers in biotechnology and environmental and resource engineering. All this scientific and technological expertise is supported, guided and enhanced by innovation consultancies, agencies for sustainable economic development and non-profit unions of bioenergy companies and representatives of stakeholders in the biogas and biomethane and renewable energy value chain. With this group the 5-year journey ahead is bound to take us on an eye-opening exploration of the biomethane production sector.

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