Ukraine welcomes a new partnership to boost biomethane production and use while our Demo site in the Country kicks off.

The importance of replacing natural gas and production of renewable gases, primarily biomethane, increased with the beginning of the aggression of the russian federation in Ukraine.

As a result, a Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and Ukraine on a Strategic Partnership on Biomethane, Hydrogen and other Synthetic Gases was signed at Kyiv on February 2, 2023. This Partnership should be focused on the green transition and on decarbonising the energy sectors. In particular, it should promote the production, trade, transportation, storage and use of biomethane. The Sides envisage supporting the action to match sustainable and innovative projects across the renewable gases value chain in Ukraine with private-sector investors and prepare a pipeline of viable projects.

By end 2021, there were 73 operational biogas plants in Ukraine, producing a total of 1,366 GWh of biogas. Almost all existing Ukrainian biogas plants were constructed to produce electricity with successive national power grid delivery within feed-in tariff supporting scheme. No biomethane production were reported by end of 2022.

First specific legislation to facilitate production and utilization of biomethane appeared in Ukraine in 2021. First version of the biomethane register was developed and presented by State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine in January 2023. Full functioned version of the Register will be developed by dena most likely within 2023. This activity is financed by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) within the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership.

Currently several Ukrainian biogas producers are considering changing to biomethane.

In the BIOMETHAVERSE project, the demo leader of the site in Ukraine is the PJSC MHP Eco Energy. According to the implementation plan of the project, MHP Eco Energy has already established a laboratory. The laboratory testing has already launched on two 50-liter fermenters. Stable biogas production has already been achieved in March 2023.

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