The Italian demo-site has solved the preliminary issues regarding the ozonolysis pre-treatment facility on lay-out optimization, procurement of equipment and instruments as well as the security requirements. Once the project has been approved by the corresponding authorities, the construction work has started and is estimated to last for the next 3 months. CAP, together with SIAD, will follow the operations in detail as to ensure these are on schedule and correspond to technical features required.

In parallel, the rest of the pilot preparation is on-going according to the schedule. POLIMI, after having completed the layout definition and membrane testing, continues with the procurement and construction of the ex-situ biological upgrading pilot. At the same time, POLIMI is running since May the experimental tests of microalgae production (6 m2 raceway reactor) in continuous operation mode.

The last unit of the pilot, the co-digestion plant, is currently under revamping; in the meanwhile, a modelling platform to comprehensively simulate co-digestion of algal biomass and waste sludge has been implemented in MODELICA; batch tests have been performed to assess the biochemical methane potential and composition of the feedstock.