By 2030, at least 10% of all heavy trucks in Sweden could run on biomethane.

To strengthen the role of biomethane in the transport sector, during the sping the Swedish Gas association stated, together with its associated members, that “By 2030, at least 10% of all heavy trucks in Sweden can run on biomethane“. Today, just under 3% of all Sweden’s heavy trucks have vehicle gas as fuel, where the proportion of biomethane is about 96% for both liquefied and compressed gas. With a clearer sector goal, biomethane is highlighted as one of the types of energy needed to achieve 100% conversion of the vehicle fleet. It also leaves 90% of vehicles to be replaced by other sustainable fuels or electrified. With 10% of Sweden’s heavy trucks on biomethane possibly produced in Sweden, the role of biomethane in maintaining a functioning, socially important part of the transport sector in the event of a crisis is also highlighted. Work is underway to review the possibilities of also stressing the socially important role and opportunities of biogas in other sectors, such as shipping and industry. A the same time, the value chain for biogas will be clarified and the importance from a resilience perspective of having several parallel fuels and energy types active within the same sector.