Proud to have taken the stage at the CH4+BIOCH4 event in Bologna dedicated to technologies and systems for gas transportation, distribution, and utilization. For the first time this gas-centered conference introduced a special session dedicated to biogas, to account for the latter’s key role in energy transition. Particular attention was given to biomethane and other renewable gases, which can become fundamental clean sources to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and, ultimately, energy independence.

BIOMETHAVERSE’s project coordinator, Stefano Proietti (ISINNOVA), took part in the Round Table BIOMETHANE – A DISCUSSION IN THE RESEARCH WORLD held on October 12, 2023, which promoted an in-depth discussion, amongst important Research Organizations, around innovations that could have positive impacts both on the efficiency of the biogas production process and on the environment.

On this occasion, Proietti showcased the BIOMETHAVERSE project, including its objectives and the innovative pathways for biomethane production currently underway in its five pilot sites (France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine.)

After briefly presenting the technologies involved, Proietti explained the market and policy side of the project, looking at possible market penetration of the technologies and their upscaling (replicability analysis) in the light of assisting future planning decisions and informing policy (Biomethane Planning decision Guide to deploy successful biomethane projects).

The event was part of a larger framework, the Bologna Fiere Water & Energy joint venture (11-13 October, 2023), which explored the green transition and its needs in all sectors (including industry, agriculture, and transportation) through 6 parallel conferences devoted to gases and biogases (CH4+BIOCH4), liquefied natural gas for transport (LNG Conference), mobility transformation and fuels distribution networks (Fuels Mobility), water industry (ACCADUEO), new technologies for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen (HESE) and civil drones for professional use (Dronitaly).