BIOMETHAVERSE joined the Green Technology Expo at ECOMONDO which took place in Rimini from 7 – 10 of November, 2023. ECOMONDO serves as a hub for dialogue and interaction among industries, stakeholders, policymakers, opinion leaders, and local authorities. It gathers and organizes key elements that define the development strategies of the European Union’s environmental policy. As the reference event for technologies, services and solutions in the green economy, ECOMONDO explored, through exhibitions and talks, seven macro-areas deemed crucial to feed the ecosystem for the ecoolgical transition: Waste as a resource, Water cycle & Blue Economy, Bioenergy and Agriculture, Circular and Renerative Bio-Economy, Site and Soil Restoration, Environmental Monitoring and Control and Ecological Services Vehicles.

Stefano Proietti, BIOMETHAVERSE project coordinator, took part in the Technical Session Biowaste: XXV Conference on Composting and Anaerobic Digestion organises by the Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and the project partner CIC (Italian Composting and Biogas Association).  The session focused on the presentation of research and case studies regarding issues related to the recycling of waste with an organic matrix: the topics include the characterization of the input matrices, the optimization of recycling processes from the point of view of the circular economy, use of organic fertilizers, biomethane and other products that can be generated from the valorisation of waste. Speakers included representatives form the research and innovation sector, academia and industry. On the occasion, Proietti presented the project’s framework and explained its pilot technologies.