WP2 – Demonstration of Innovative Biomethane Pathways

Work package 2 goes to the heart of the project as it involves the implementation of the innovative biomethane pathways in 5 demonstrators (in France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine). All activities are aimed at increasing the efficiency of biomethane production through the application of innovative technologies in demonstration and industrial scale. As such, the main tasks carried out in this WP are the preparation, planning, design and implementation of the demonstration activities in the 5 sites, including a final ‘wrap-up’, at the end of the project, to account for the findings of each pilot demo. The development of a ‘legacy’ blueprint showcasing the final results and the transferable working principles of the technologies is this WP’s conclusive task.


Deliverable (Number)

Deliverable name

Short name of lead participant Delivery date Dissemination Level
D2.1 Demonstrators Implementation Activity Plans EBA March 2023 PU
D2.2 Report on Design of the Pilot Plants EBA March 2024 SEN
D2.3 Summary on the Design of the Pilot Plants EBA May 2024 PU
D2.4 Intermediate Implementation Report EBA March 2025 SEN
D2.5 Final Implementation Reports (with Blueprints of the Pilot Plants) EBA October 2026 SEN
D2.6 Blueprints Showcasing the Final Results of the Demonstration Activities EBA December 2026 PU